James Wilson

If you're feeling stuck in one or multiple areas of your life, I'll empower you to regain and maximise your mental health, happiness and performance. I started Mind Switch through a period of chronic illness - the mental and physical challenges of which were a catalyst to develop the skills needed to help others encountering difficulty in their lives, or simply seeking improvement. I now love seeing the ability people have to transform themselves and their lives, when supported by the right people and tools. To hear more about my personal story, or to book a free consultation - click below! 


One to one sessions

Are you feeling stuck in one or multiple areas of your life? Whether you're feeling  low in confidence, anxious, depressed, stressed, or want to make a positive shift in your life, change is always possible, for everyone.  I use a number of fun and interactive tools to help people take control back of their lives and their health, learning how to use their brain to their advantage. We won't look back, but forward to how you can create quick and lasting change to get the life that you want! 

Guided relaxation and visualisation


 Hour long group online relaxation and visualisations sessions to ease stress/anxiety and promote healing, calmness and confidence about the future. Each session custom scripted with a focus on a different well-being element.  

Corporate and studio sessions available as well as my weekly online sessions. 


If you'd like to arrange a corporate or studio session, or join me on Wednesday,  just click on the button below to drop me an email.

Mental health workshops 

With one in seven people experiencing poor mental health in the workplace at a cost of 8 billion pounds to UK businesses, it's never been more important to equip employees with skills to manage their health.  This has only been exacerbated by COVID and the associated challenges we are all facing. My mental health workshops and webinars will teach attendees a diverse array of tools that they can apply in both their work and home life to reduce stress and burnout, manage their mental health, enhance relationships, improve communication, increase productivity and enable goal attainment!


Email: james@mind-switch.co.uk

Instagram - @mindswitchcoach

Location - London

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