Empowering you to transform your mind. 


Hi, I'm James

I'm here to give you the tools to prioritise and transform your mental and emotional health, just as you would your physical health. 

We'll work together to re-train your mind - enabling you to think and feel differently.  That means getting you moving from stress, anxiety and unhelpful thoughts towards calmness, balance and happiness - so you can maximise your experience of life.  

It's a process I've been through myself - with my own mental/physical health challenges leading me to completely re-discover how I can live my life in a more balanced way and ultimately led to me starting this business with the purpose of creating positive change for you.

While we'll gain an important understanding of your past when working together, my coaching programme is primarily future focused - putting all your energy into what you want and how you're going to get there!

If you'd like to explore working together, take some time to digest my approach below and book in a free consultation as a first step, to ensure we're the right fit!

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How we'd achieve change

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Mind Switch

3 month programme


I'll work with you through a three month coaching programme that will uncover what's holding you back, create a powerful vision for how you want to feel & give you all the tools and support needed to re-shape your brain - creating lasting and transformational change. 


I understand that this is a powerful investment in yourself, so my initial consultation and the first 60 minute session are totally free with no obligation. This makes sure that we're the right fit for each other! 

Here's what my programme includes each month.



Working together to get you there - getting into the practical elements of how you transform your experience of life.



Allowing you to explore and create exactly what you do want - how you'd love to feel, think, behave, interact. We'll keep this as the focus throughout.



Getting to grips with why you are where you are, and what specifically you'd like to shift. This is the foundation for change.

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one to one sessions 

This is where we make the breakthroughs! Each lasts 60 minutes and is on zoom.

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 breath-Work or meditation recordings

To embed the work from our sessions and give you an impactful daily practice.

30 minute check in calls 

For those times when you just need a quick dose of external perspective and support. 

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Notes and action plan after each session

So you can stay fully present in sessions and have clarity of direction.

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Email Support Monday to Friday! 

Sometimes we all need to ask a quick question or be nudged in the right direction. 

Total investment 


per month

My qualifications

I work with a blend of tools in my coaching programme, tailored to your personal situation. Here's a quick insight into what they are!


Learning the language of your own mind through thoughts, emotions and behaviours.


Communicating with your unconscious mind - breaking unhelpful patterns and generating new ones.

Life coaching

Empowering you with the tools to take charge of your life and wellbeing, with a dose of external perspective too!


Using the incredible power of the breath to transform your state of mind and body in the moment.

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