One to one sessions

It's important to recognise that we all come across times in our life where we feel a little stuck in a rut and need to make a change to move forward. It may be that our thoughts and feelings are getting in our way, our physical health is limiting us, or we're finding conflict in our life, either internally or with others - just to name a few. Be kind to yourself, this is very normal and there is always a route forward. 

I work with a combination of fun and interactive coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy tools to teach you how to use your brain to get back in charge of your thoughts, behaviours and health, so you can flourish. 

This is not therapy or counselling – these often look back in detail at what has happened in the past. While we'll gain a brief understanding of the past, my sessions are primarily future focused, putting all your energy into what you want now and how you're going to get there.  

I work with a wide range of issues and challenges, so please do get in touch directly and we can talk through exactly what you'd like to change. 

How we'd achieve change



Getting to grips with why you are where you are, and what specifically you'd like to shift. This is the foundation for change.



Allowing you to explore and create exactly what you do want - how you'd love to feel, think, behave, interact. We'll keep this as the focus throughout.



Working together to get you there - getting into the practical elements of how you transform your experience of life.


Lucy, 29

I've been to see James for a variety of reasons including anxiety, family relationships and overworking. It's opened my mind to thoughts and solutions I didn't know were available to access and I have felt calm, confident and focused since.

Abbie, 32

James helped to completely shift my perspective after a relationship break down. I was feeling completely consumed by it, but I now am looking to the future and excited about the next chapter in my life.

Matt, 45

James has helped me through a number of issues. I can't recommend him enough - he's kind, understanding and highly skilled. I have noticed so much change in so little time - something I did not think was possible before seeing James. 



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Location - London

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