The personal Approach to Mental wellbeing

I'm a strong believer that investing in mental health should be about people, first and foremost. As a collective and as individuals, as human beings. That's why all Mind Switch sessions are bespoke and designed with people and the heart. But I also know what's it's like to work in businesses, big and small - and that it has to make financial sense. The good news is, it works - both at a human and economic level - and in the wake of the COVID pandemic, has there ever been a more important time to begin to invest?  

1 in 5

Of your employees will experience mental ill-health this year.


The average annual cost of poor mental health per employee in your business.

5 : 1  

The average return on investment for prioritising employee well-being through workshops + support.

Here are four unique and impactful ways you can invest in your employees health and welll-being through Mind Switch. 

The route to Healthier, Happier and more present employees

Workshops & webinars 


Mind Switch online workshops and webinars don't just allow employees to better understand their minds and how to get the best from them during times of change, challenge and uncertainty.


They also have empowerment at the centre - giving employees practical and powerful tools they can implement into their life, at home and at work - to improve their mental wellbeing. 


For more detail on why Mind Switch group sessions are different, and to hear what brands such as GSK & Kellog's say about them - please visit the home page.


Or if you're ready to have a conversation about how we can positively impact your employees health together - get in touch


Guest speaker

Sometimes in life it's the small things that someone say's that really shift our perspective and provide a catalyst for change. 

Sometimes, its ideas - something exciting, new or innovative that kicks or imagination into gear, makes us realise what is possible in life. 

Sometimes, it's vulnerability, it's someone sharing their personal story in a way that inspires us, building new internal belief around overcoming adversity. 

Sometimes it's the simple practical tools for change that resonate - knowing we have something to put straight into practice.

My speaker & panel contributions combine all four to ensure employees relate, feel inspired and have practical solutions to act on. If you'd like me to speak at an event, be part of a panel or would like more information around speaking topics - get in touch.

121 employee sessions


Mind Switch webinars and workshops are brilliant at facilitating employee collaboration and community whilst providing a fantastic set of practical tools for individuals and teams. 

However, we all need some more tailored support from time to time to deal directly with the personal challenges that come up and often reaching out to get it is the hardest part, and the most transformative step.

My one to one employee sessions do just that -  providing an environment for individuals to understand what's got them stuck, get clarity on what they want, and working together to get there. 

For more details on what these one to one sessions look like, click here

Guided group meditation

The proven benefits from practicing meditation are diverse - improved concentration, lowered stress and anxiety levels, enhanced self-esteem and greater empathy to name a few. 


That said, it can seem daunting and inaccessible to first timers. That's why the Mind Switch group guided meditations are designed to be accessible - using a mix of relaxation techniques, visualisation, breath-work and music to create an immersive experience.


Each session is custom scripted and unique, focusing on a different well-being element so that it provides a holistic framework when part of a series. 

Developing the mind-set for healthy habits and behaviours

Launching employee values with mental wellbeing

 Staying positive in times of uncertainty



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