Empowering healthY minds. 


Mind Switch is the personal approach to

employee mental wellbeing. 

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We all have mental health. 

All of the time.


That's why looking after our minds isn't just a workplace thing, a home thing, or a COVID 19 thing. It's transient, ongoing and ever changing.

Mind Switch is all about delivering exciting workshops, webinars and 121 sessions that empower employees with the tools to get the best from their minds - improving their mental wellbeing - at work and beyond. 

Here's why working with Mind Switch feels different. 


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It's personal

Mental health is personal. Every mind is unique, just as every body is. At any given time we are all somewhere on a sliding scale from surviving to thriving.  

That's why everything I do is bespoke to you - as a collective and as individuals. 


This is something close to my heart as my own mental and physical health challenges led me to re-training and starting Mind Switch. So it's a personal mission for me too - to create change and support others. If you'd like to find out more about my personal story, click here

It's practical



Understanding mental health and yourself better is a key element and a first step to creating change. Alone however, it just isn't enough.


That's why Mind Switch is all about empowering you with the practical tools and techniques that you can simply and effectively implement to improve your mental mental health, day to day, in all areas of your life. 

If you'd like some initial ideas on how you can get practical with your wellbeing - subscribe to my blog.

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It's professional

I started life in the corporate and consultancy world. So Mind Switch was founded with the insight of what it’s like to work in, and with, businesses big and small.


My workshops, webinars and content reflect this, bringing together a personal approach with the professionalism and knowledge to inspire you.

Below you'll see some examples of the wonderful businesses and brands that have worked with Mind Switch so far. 

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Developing the mind-set for healthy habits and behaviours

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Launching fresh values with mental wellbeing at the heart


 Staying positive in times of uncertainty