Empowering men to transform their minds. 


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Hi, I'm James 

I'm here to empower you to prioritise and transform your mental and emotional health, just as you would you physical health. 

We'll work together to re-train your mind - enabling you to think and feel differently, so you can maximise your experience of life and find a greater sense of calmness, balance & happiness. 


Why men?
As men, we can feel a societal expectation that we should behave in a 'masculine' way that includes attributes of strength, control and self-reliance.  

This allows little room for us to speak up, to share how we are authentically feeling - and ultimately access the right tools and support that enable us to get the best possible experience of life.

So my question to you is - are you going to continue letting societal expectations hold you back? 

Or is now the time to make a powerful decision to prioritise your mental health and move to a calmer, happier and more productive head-space? 

How we'd achieve change

I work with a powerful mix of techniques 




Getting to grips with why you are where you are, and what specifically you'd like to shift. This is the foundation for change.




Allowing you to explore and create exactly what you do want - how you'd love to feel, think, behave, interact. We'll keep this as the focus throughout.

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Working together to get you there - getting into the practical elements of how you transform your experience of life.

Working together


I have three options available for 121 coaching. I understand that each is an investment and so my initial 30 minute discovery call is free to ensure we're the right fit and you can go all in!

I only take on a small number of clients to ensure that my work is really personal and you get everything you need to create lasting change


Book your free discovery call


Mind Boost

6 week programme

  • 6 x 60 minute 121 sessions

  • Detailed notes and action plan from each session

  • 6 x custom breath-work/meditation recordings

  • 2 x 30 minute check in calls


(Payment plans available)

Mind Shift

3 month programme

  • 10 x 60 minute 121 sessions

  • x 30 minute check in calls

  • Detailed notes and action plan from each session

  • 10 x custom breath-work/meditation recordings


(Payment plans available)

Mind Switch


6 month programme

  • 15 x 60 minute 121 sessions

  • Detailed notes and action plan from each session

  • Guided breath-work or meditation recording after each session

  • Monthly check in call

  • Unlimited email support​

  • Free access to any courses or workshops I run


(Payment plans available)


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Life Coach

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Breath Coach

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Ready to work together? 


James’s style is warm, kind and welcoming.


Even after the initial phone call I felt slightly better in myself, I had spoken out loud the things that were weighing me down and with James I didn’t need to be a ‘leader’, I didn’t need to put on a brave face and smile, I could just be how I felt at that time without any expectations.


I even had the headspace to put myself forward for a promotion which I was successfully appointed to, and to think at the beginning of our coaching sessions I wasn’t sure I had the passion to continue in nursing, I know James played an instrumental part in helping me to achieve this new role and to get myself to the new and improved version.


I decided to have some sessions with James after working on an intensive care unit during the COVID pandemic. I have had CBT in the past for anxiety related issues and despite finding this useful I felt it didn't meet all of my needs.


In my sessions with James he let me lead what I wanted to work on and offered practical and realistic advice with regards to changes and strategies I can use in my day to day life to cope with my feelings of anxiety and panic. I am so grateful for all of the advice he as given me and I am definitely going to consider booking in future sessions!


I've been to see James for a variety of reasons including anxiety, family relationships and overworking. It's opened my mind to thoughts and solutions I didn't know were available to access and I have felt calm, confident and focused since.


James helped to completely shift my perspective after a relationship break down. I was feeling completely consumed by it, but I now am looking to the future and excited about the next chapter in my life.

Nick / 31