Mind Switch Men's Circle

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As men, we can feel a societal expectation that we ‘should’ behave in a ‘masculine’ way that includes attributes of strength, dominance, control and self-reliance.


Yet this allows little room for us to speak up, to share how we are authentically feeling - and seek help when we need it. 


Indeed men are statistically far less likely to seek support in relation to mental health than women, despite men being 4 times more likely to commit suicide.


The Mind Switch Men's Circle is all about flipping this expectation. It’s about providing an environment for a group of men to share openly their challenges, to find commonality and difference in them and to learn from each other. 


All in order to feel connected, understood and ultimately move forward to a healthier and happier headspace. 


I’ll be facilitating, keeping the focus looking forward and providing tips and coaching points along the way - but this is ultimately about the group and community. 


Max group size of 8.


Stay tuned for new dates! 


To reserve your place, please email me directly using the button below. Places are limited so do act quickly if you'd like to join :)

Fee is £50 for the three sessions