New Year's Resolutions - good or bad for mental health?

We’ve all been here before. We’ve got the motivation and optimism that comes with a fresh year and we set ourselves a new, exciting goal. We’ve got our eyes on a result that’s challenging, specific and measurable and nothing else will do - whether that’s losing 10kg or exercising daily. We’ve got this, no doubt.

We’ve also got that dopamine hit that comes when we’re hopeful. It improves our mood, boosts our happiness and enables us to feel even more motivated, energetic and productive. We suddenly question why we don’t always prioritise ourself and our health in this way!

We fly though week one, week two…it’s seems so easy. But more often than not within a few weeks, we ‘fail’. We fall off the wagon once or twice – having a bar of chocolate or missing a day’s exercise and decide it’s all over – we can’t hit the target we set ourselves so we just give up and go back to our old patterns and